Object Level:

  • Server Scripts :

          – Validation Rules

          – Triggers

          – Object Functions

  • Custom Fields

          -Updateble Condition

          -Required Condition


  • Actions and Links
  • Custom Page Layers

Other Places

  • Workflow Conditions
  • Mapping for conversion of Leads/Deal Registration to opportunity
  • Global Functions

 that come already with the environment, meaning are made by Oracle, are called Standard Objects, but you as an user have the possibility to create your own Objects and those are called Custom Objects.

app composer

Now lets go deeper where exactly we can put scripts on a Object.

So  lets expand the object Opportunity.

we can put scrips on Server Scripts(if you select that you will get the possibility to make Validation Rules/Triggers at the level of the object and fields and also make object functions)

Another place is Custom Fields(Just like the objects you can create new fields even on the Standard Objects).

Custom Field you can add a script to its Updateable condition/Required Condition
NOTE: on the Standard Fields you can not add scripts on the above mention locations(Updateable condition/Required Condition)


Also here Groovy Code can be added to Expression from Default Value

Another place on the object that you can add scrips to is Actions and Links.

This is the place where you can create Custom Buttons Or Make Links

We can add code to the Object Workflows Conditions

Also some objects like Deal Registration and Leads can be converted into Opportunities.

This conversion is done via a mapping and this mapping can be access in application composer on Sales Area.

In this mapping we can actually insert custom made groovy code.


One last place we can add scrips is in Global Function

This are the places where we can make use of scripting.

I will not be going in details of what each place is for, as this tutorial is not of Application Composer, but of actual scripting.

This was just a  review of all the places where we can use our scrips in.


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